Breakfast of Love

I always have cute ideas that pop into my head. Today’s bright idea was that I’d use cookie cutters to cut heart shapes into scrambled eggs cooked in the pan. Notice there are no pictures of those eggs? I said they were cute ideas, I didn’t say they always work. 😉 After the eggtastrophe, I decided to try and redeem myself. I made heart-shaped eggo waffles and sausage links. So cute!! It really didn’t take very long to do and I had one happy little girl in the end. Plus, I fed her the heart “scraps” while she waited for her pretty waffle Valentine. I took pictures so you too can create this “masterpiece”. 

I admit I panicked a little because it was too big. 

But look, it worked!!

This time I was confident, since it fit perfectly. And like I said, just give over the scraps while you finish up. 

Just one more thing:

What’s a waffle without some syrup? By the way, this is just the cute presentation. I had a little bowl of syrup for her to dip in right after the pretty blog pics were all taken. That breakfast didn’t stand a chance.

 Honestly, I would have loved to try making strawberry roses but…

1. I  had already failed the egg idea.  

2. I find I need more sleep to handle sharp things, like knives.

 And 3. I don’t have any strawberries. 

So waffles to the rescue. Just remember that a cookie cutter shape makes everything taste better to kids for some reason. The syrup helps too 😉 haha. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Lots of love to all of you. ❤ ❤ ❤


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