Waffle Iron Pizza Pockets

We love pizza in my house. We search out new pizza places. We try new recipes. We like pizza. 

We also like waffles. Like a lot. 

So, why not combine them? 

I used a canned pizza crust and cut it into squares. 

Add sauce, a slice of mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. 

Fold it in half, or top with another piece of crust, and pinch edges. 

Pop it into a hot waffle iron, close, and cook it for apx 2 mins. (Depending on waffle iron)

Use extra sauce for dipping. 

*we also tried the pizza toppings inside of wonton wrappers, then grilled in the waffle iron. It was just as yummy, just a little crispier. 

Experiment with toppings and see qhat your family loves! 

Do you have a favorite waffle iron hack? Share it with us. 



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