Just a Small Town Girl…

Just a Small Town Girl


Everyday on my lunch break, when I can get away from my office, I drive across town and find a quiet space to eat lunch. I go to the same place everyday. The fairground livestock barn.


It’s quiet.

I back my car under the awning, and I roll the windows down, and just enjoy the peaceful moments. Sometimes, I call Moe or I turn on the radio and listen to something. Sometimes, I scroll YouTube or Spotify and discover new music. Most of the time, I just listen to the sounds of the town. I can go here and be undisturbed by other people, and yet I am not far enough from civilization that I am worried about my safety.

It is rare that I actually get quiet moments alone at any point in my day, so when I can steal 30 minutes of solitude, I do.

Do you have a space you like to visit when you need quiet time? Share it with us here.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    I’ve gone to Mother’s Park and Nelson Park by the pond but I might switch to the fairgrounds!


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