3 Strikes Spring Cleaning

3 Strikes Spring Cleaning


Spring is in the air and that means Spring Cleaning is moving to the top of every obsessive person’s list. This year, I got a jump on Spring Cleaning by starting in January with my closet.

I started this year with the idea of minimalizing. Losing excessive “things” and moving my focus to people and moments and memories this year. While I don’t have my family on board yet with this process, I decided to start with the things I can control. My closet was first on my list.

I had heard about several processes for getting rid of your stuff… the most popular seemed to be holding each item and seeing if it sparked joy. This seemed to be an incredibly daunting task and not one that I wanted to undertake.

Here’s my plan for decluttering my closet.

  1. Set a time Frame –  Give yourself a time limit. I chose 3 months. I recommend 3-6 months for your time frame, as this will give you an accurate look at what you are wearing.
  2. Broken/Torn Tossing –  First and foremost, anything that truly doesn’t fit, is ripped, in tattered condition, etc. needs to be tossed, without question. If you have been saving it to fix or fit into… it’s not happening. Toss it.
  3. Flip the Hangers – Turn every hanger in your closet backward. When you successfully wear an item, hang it back the correct direction.
  4. 3 Strikes Rule –  When you pull an item from your closet but don’t wear it, return it to the backward hanger position. If you do this 3 times for one piece of clothing, toss it into the donate bin on the 3rd time. One or two times of trying on and not wearing an item could be a bad day, bad lighting, or bloating… three times means you really don’t like the time enough to wear it.
  5. Photo Rule –  If I am wearing an item of clothing and I see it in a photo and don’t like the way it looks on me, I immediately toss it out. If it doesn’t photograph well, chances are it doesn’t look that great in person either.
  6. Fit or Flat –  If I wear an item and it isn’t comfortable, is too tight, hurts my feet/back/shoulders/etc. then I toss it into the donate bin as soon as I get home.

At the end of your set time period, grab your donation bin and return to your closet. Pull out every piece of clothing that still has a backward facing hanger and toss it in the donation bin. Save for seasonal pieces (coats in the summer, sundresses in the winter), anything that hasn’t been worn during your specified time period, isn’t worth keeping.

I just completed my first round of this process and I eliminated almost half of the clothes in my closet. Only two pieces did I pull out of the toss pile and hang back up for a longer time period of testing… both were seasonal items.

This process allows me to easily sort through what I am wearing and what I am just hanging onto because I don’t want to let go of it. It also kind of made me feel like I had someone else telling me to get rid of stuff… it felt like I had less pressure on me to toss stuff out.

That’s it. I plan to implement a similar style in my kitchen soon… I will let you know how it works!!

What are your favorite Spring Cleaning methods?




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  1. Michele says:

    I love these ideas! I am going to try the hanger idea. I don’t have any new and creative Spring Cleaning ideas but I do love the feeling of getting this accomplished!


    1. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I have taken 3 loads to the donation bin this week. It is so nice.


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