Concert Review

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to a benefit concert for St. Jude Children’s Hospital with a friend who scored some tickets. I truly have a deep love for live music so I was stoked to go to this concert… and 3 hours of waiting in line landed us 3rd row seats. 

Before the show, I did my usual amateur stalker checklist… 

tweet the band… check. 

Buy the raffle tickets to have a chance at a meet and greet… check.

Figure out my best chance to be seen from the stage… check. 

First up… Ryan Follese

Can I just say this guy is so cute. I’m married, but I would mega put this guy in my pocket and take him home in a quick minute. 

Since Ryan had already responded to my social media interactions, I just knew we were destined for great love. He didn’t disappoint when he totally made eye contact with me during the show… he did. Trust me, it was magical. I mean, we’re basically dating now.
He had the crowd engaged from the moment he stepped on stage. He was fun and funky and he interacted with the crowd. He told great stories and shared that his parents are both successful songwriters in Nashville. You guys, his parents have written songs for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Seriously! What!? 
When this guy sang, he sounded exactly like he does on the radio and in videos. Sweet friends, that’s a big deal. Who wants to go to a concert and hear someone who sounds totally different than what you are used to? Not me.  

My only complaint about him… he didn’t sing long enough. I had a list in my head of which songs I wanted to hear from him, and was so sad when his time ended and I didn’t get to hear them all. He was truly great. Really. And did I mention he is so cute!? Like really cute. 

Next up… Drake White

Woah, mama. Sweet mother of our Lord. This guy. His voice. Lord, have mercy. So many feelings.

Before this concert, I had seen him open for Dierks Bentley so I was amped to see him again. And he did not disappoint. 

He is so fun to watch on stage because he gets so into his music that he sometimes loses himself and looks a tad bit touched… if you know what I’m saying. But lordy be, when he gets to that point… wow. I found myself, as I did at the first concert, holding my breath at moments during his performance beacuse I was so caught up in him that I literally forgot to breathe. 

The 3rd performance was from Thompson Squared. 

Going into this concert, I didn’t know who this band was. I found out they are a married couple. They are funny. I mean funny. They have such an amazing chemistry and they interact with the crowd like I haven’t seen before. 

Their music is truly beautiful. The wife of the duo… holy moly, her voice. I sat at one point, with eyes closed, and zoned in on her voice… you guys, she is really good. 

I will be downloading some of their stuff. 

Last on the list… Gary Allen.

I have to be honest, going into this concert I knew nothing about this guy. I really tried to find something to like about him and his music, and I just couldn’t. 

His voice sounded off through most of the concert and he hardly interacted with the crowd at all… outside of tossing out some guitar picks. One of which landed exactly in my cleavage when he tossed it. 

I just wasn’t feeling it with this guy. I did look some of his stuff up on YouTube the next day and while his voice quality was slightly better, it still wasn’t great. 

Overall, this concert was fun. Give me three more hours of Ryan and Drake and I would have been in heaven. 

Who has been your favorite band/performer to see in concert? Who would you like to see? 



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