Girl’s Club

At 36 years old, I sometimes forget the world I live in still includes mean girls and cliques. I sometimes forget how much it still hurts to realize those people exist. I also sometimes still forget how much it hurts to be on the outside of that. 

In high school, I never really felt like I fit. I walked through that world feeling like every other girl had something I didn’t. I floated through circles, never really having my own home. The stage was the only place I felt like I belonged… because I could be someone else. 

In my adult world, I still struggle with feeling like I am enough. I still walk through my world feeling like everyone else has something that I don’t have. I still cry myself to sleep when I think people are upset with me or someone doesn’t like me.

As much as I try to come off as this emotional robot, I actually wear my heart on my sleeve. I just can’t really comprehend how to not let things hurt as much as they do. 

Life, man. It’s hard. 


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