Refreshing and Detoxing Berry Citrus Water


I love summer because summer means fresh fruits and veggies, swimming pools, and bare feet in the grass. When you live in the Midwest, summer also means temperatures that make you think you have landed in the deepest pits of hell. Seriously, when did I agree to live in a place that has 99% humidity and three-digit temps? 

So with those hot and humid temps comes the desire for refreshing drinks. I have recently been having some issues with my stomach also, so I set out to find a recipe that would detox my system while providing nutrients and not all the sugar and junk of traditional juices and fruit drinks.

This recipe combines strawberries, lemons, and limes with ice, cold water. And let me tell you, nothing beats the heat quite like this drink.

Before I share the recipe, let me give you a little run down of the benefits of each of the fruits in it.

Strawberries– Contain Vitamin C, Potassium, Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin K, and Fiber. According to Medical News Today, 1 cup of strawberries contains 160% of your daily recommended total of Vitamin C – and only sets you back 50 calories!! Strawberries also have wonderful diuretic powers and are packed full of antioxidants. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help detox and cleanse your liver and kidneys.

Lemons – Lemons are just wonderful. My doctor recently recommended that I drink a cup of water with the juice of half a lemon and a tsp of raw, local honey every morning when I wake. Lemons are high in Vitamin C and with an atomic structure similar to that of stomach acid, they help balance the PH in your body, detoxify, and speed digestion. They are also great for your skin, can help to balance weight, and the beautiful citrus scent is known to help boost your mood naturally.

Limes –  Limes are high in potassium, Vitamins A, B, C and D, Calcium, and Magnesium. They are known to help stop and prevent damage to your body from free radicals and are packed with antioxidants. Listen to some of the things limes can help with, according to Rejuvenate skin, improve digestion, fight infection, accelerate weight loss, lower blood sugar, reduce risks of heart disease, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation… seriously, limes are amazing!!

After seeing all the benefits from these 3 fruits, I couldn’t wait to try out some Berry Citrus Water. The recipe is easy. I mean EASY. Drink 8-12 ounces of this every day and see how much you love it. I seriously crave this drink, and since starting to drink it, it seems that this quenches my thirst so much better than just plain water.


2 cups Strawberries, cleaned, hulled, and halved

1 lemon, sliced

1 lime, sliced

1 gallon filtered water

Combine all ingredients, let rest overnight in the fridge. Enjoy with some ice.


** In the winter when berries are as easily accessible, you can use frozen berries as long as they aren’t packed with the juice/syrup. 

** Try adding different berries and experiment with what you love. 


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