The Kid That Noone Wants to Play With

My youngest daughter is almost 6. While she’s very smart, she tends to have kids be mean to her. Being the youngest of three girls, she has basically been like an only child while her older sisters go to school. So alot of her time is spent with me or alone. When her sisters get home they can’t be bothered to play with her. And when we DO find new friends around her age, they usually don’t want to play with her or if they do want to play, they only play until someone else comes along. She likes things to be her way, but it seems like whoever she plays with acts the same, so it’s nothing but a constant clashing of wills.  There never seems to be a compromise. That is, if they choose to play with her at all. It overwhelms me with sadness sometimes. I try to shake it off, but it pains me that she doesn’t have a real and true little friend. I see little girls and boys that have their friends and they hug and laugh and don’t fight constantly. But it seems like my little one will have to wait a little longer for some friends that actually want to play with her. Luckily, she’s young and resilient, so she brushes it off. But as her momma, it’s much harder for me to accept. So I may give her a few extra hugs now and then. It’s not the same, but at least she’ll always know she’ll have a friend in me.  

❤ Moe


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