“Don’t stop believin’…” 

Nope, not that kind of journey. 

I’m talking about a health journey. 

Over the years, I’ve taken many health journeys… everytime I’ve failed. It’s very disheartening to look back at the this path and see my failures. It’s also disheartening to see the number that shows when I step on the scale. 

I hate exercise. My body does not respond well. With a knee issue that I’ve had since junior high, I have a difficult time finding exercises that don’t hurt my knee. Which means I typically have to go with low impact, which means very little weight loss power. 

I feel like I’m in an endless cycle and the scale just keeps climbing. And my clothes just keep getting smaller. 

All of this means I have to work hard to manage my weight with food. But, there’s one problem with that…. I LOVE FOOD!! 

I have tried (and failed) many times to use this approach. 

Last week, I finally started to look at a couple of the health issues that I’ve been having and after talking with my doc via email I have an answer… basically, I have to change my diet. My health is depending upon this change. 

So, since then I’ve been working hard to make positive choices. 

It’s a daily struggle… last night I looked in the mirror and cried. Today, I woke up thinking “I’ve got this.” I want to do this. I look at my kids and I know that I have to make changes for them. I have to be the mom that models healthy choices, and I have to be the mom that is here when they have kids. 

I know I’m going to fail. I know I will have days when I eat the ENTIRE bag of chips. But, I also know that in those moments I have to remind myself that a stumble isn’t a complete failure. I can get back on track and move forward without blowing all of my hard work. 

Wish me luck! 



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