Product Review: Young Living Mineral Foundation

Last week, I got the new Young Living Savvy Minerals Foundation. I was really excited to try the product because I love YL products and have been looking for something better to use on my skin. 

I really love this product. It goes on smooth, smells good, and wears well. Here is my review! 

Color: So good! I have SUPER fair skin, so it is nearly impossible for me to find makeup that matches my skin tone. YL Savvy Minerals Foundation comes in warm and cool tones. I used Cool no. 1 and it matches with no issues. 

Texture: It feels great on my skin. It is so light that it feels like I’m not even wearing foundation. 

Application: I have a powder foundation brush already so I found the application to be very easy. Lightly dip your brush in, tap it down into the brush (I lightly tap the the bottom of the brush on my counter top), tap the excess off, and then apply in circles around your face. I really recommend getting a powder foundation brush. YL sells an entire set for about $85 which, for a good set, is typical. 

Coverage: This is a lighter coverage, so if you have acne or scars/discoloration, you may not love it. I have acne scars on my chin/jaw and I applied the foundation and then went back with a concealer brush and covered my scars and it worked well, just much lighter than I’m used to wearing. 

Wearability: The first day I wore this, it was wearing off by about 2pm. I vowed to try again for a couple days to let my oily skin get used to a powder since I mormally wear a liquid. After about three days, it was wearing better and held out all day. 

Other thoughts: Overall, I really like this product. I have tried several powder foundations and this is my favorite. After a few days, I did start to see a change in my skin. I think wearing it long term will allow me to see better results, but I did sleep in this one night and woke to no mew breakouts. I am excited to try the other mineral products YL has to offer. 



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