All About Moe!!

Hi, I’m Moe…with an ‘e’! I’ve been trying and trying to sit down and write this little bio. Aleah said to just do it the way she did, but if I did that it wouldn’t be my style, and that didn’t seem like the right way to start off with all of you. I don’t really want to do the whole…I live in Missouri and have 3 kids and stay at home thing either (believe me, I just saved you endless babble by NOT doing it that way). So, instead I think I’ll tell you a little bit about who I am to people, not where and what I have or what I do. I’m the kind of girl that even if I just met you and found out your birthday was this Thursday, I’d ask you what flavor cake and frosting you like and make you a cake. If you didn’t like cake, I’d buy you ice cream. If I love you, that’s pretty much it for you, you’re stuck with me…forever. I’ll bring you soup if you’re sick, bring you candy if you’re feeling blue, and buy you presents just because. If you’re moving and you need help, I’m your girl. If you need me to keep your kid (even if I know they’re a brat sometimes) I’ll still take them, because I love you. I guess the thing about me that I have to give, is me; my time, my compassion, my loyalty and my love. I don’t give you these things lightly if you’re dear to me. With each person I choose to let in, goes a small piece of my heart. So, if you’re ever in the small town of Lebanon, MO and you meet a hyper, smiley girl named Moe (with an ‘e’), say hello. You never know when cake could be just around the corner.


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