Our Weekend Warrior – Dena


I started to write a bio for this wonderful blog and when it started to feel clunky, even in my head, I gave up. So I have decided to try short and sweet.

My husband and I grew up in the same town in the Ozarks, we were high-school sweethearts except when we didn’t like each other and then we weren’t sweet at all.

He joined the US Navy for 6-years and I went to college. A couple of years later, we liked each other a lot so we got hitched and I moved to South Carolina with him. I continued to go to school and he was a sailor.

After the Service, we moved back to the Ozarks to have a life that included our respective families. I worked in my career field as a Graphic Designer. He worked in a factory while he went to school, and he has his degree in Computer Science. My husband is a techie and a perfectionist and works TOO hard.

We were married 8 years before we had our son. He was the start of it all. We have 5 now. There were 6 but that little critter could only stay 10 weeks in the oven. I miss that little person every day. The funny joke is…. we didn’t think we would add children to our lives but when we did we loved it (despite the fact that Owen screamed day and night non-stop for 10 months) and we just decided to keep going.

I homeschool all these crazy humans and still try to keep an organized house and life. I think I might be a little bit insane. I am a deep thinker. I THINK a LOT about EVERY Blessed THING. It is tiring to live inside my head but I have a wicked sense of humor and I think this helps.

We have had some scary trials with our children that have changed us as people. I hope for the better. But God has continued to bless us with wisdom and aid. We avoid labels around here because our society is full of labels; which we think is damaging to the human experience or shall I say…. spirit. So sometimes, I might talk about therapy and genetic issues and things that scare me, but mostly just my love of solving a good problem. How to repurpose something lying around, a new idea on how we want to get healthier or just funny trials and tribulations that we all call life.

Hi, I am Dena. Maybe this wasn’t so short-and-sweet but how do you cram 43 years of life, 25 years of marriage to one crazy man, and 5 even crazier children into one paragraph. Shrugs shoulder. Let me know.

BIG SMILE and as always, Peace.

PS I love Russell Stovers chocolate and toys. Yes, I said toys. I have a passion for them; so we have a LOT of them in our house organized onto racks and racks. I believe toys serve a crucial purpose for kids’ imaginations. I don’t play with them so much, but I think a lot about what that toy will do for my children and what my children will do with said treasure.

~ dw


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